The illustrative dictionary is created to let you enrich your vocabulary with professional terminology. Each linguistic unit is followed by an illustration and explanation. The linguistic units are alphabetically ordered.

Welcome to the linguistic part of the e-platform. Within the scope of language materials you will find useful parts to upgrade your productive linguistic skills by enriching your vocabulary from the Illustrative dictionary, getting in line with some grammar tips to express yourself more confidently, learning how to write as a full-grown agriculturist and read the carefully selected texts followed by the always stimulating reading exercises.

Take this opportunity to enjoy at the individual language learning at your convenience and help yourself from the samples and self-tests for knowledge check. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

The course is reading will help you develop your linguistic skills in understanding and producing of language. Each of the ten parts of this course consists of a brief reading material adopted towards the adult learner. The reading part is preceded by an introductory vocabulary and followed by a Wh- questions, or T/F reading exercises. A key to the self-test  check is provided.