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All the course materials are carefully designed and created by specialists in the field of agriculture, languages, ICT and education, and adopted towards the adult learning. In preparing these materials we were led by our mission to foster adult education and training in agriculture and rural development thus consequently to improve rural livelihoods, build sustainable agriculture and food security and increase the regional cooperation. Our target group are stakeholders in agriculture, adult practitioners, farmers, academic staff, and students. If you are among them, then you are definitely at the right place.

The course materials are designed as such as to be used in a group or individually, i.e. self-learning centered and consist of a theoretical part and power point presentation followed by a self-test part with a key to answers. The materials in English for agricultural purposes will help you upgrade your linguistic capacities and enrich your vocabulary with professional terms. The materials in agriculture are divided into two categories: agri-production and agri-business, and will be of use for your business and farming. The e-patform itself is user- friendly, yet make sure you see the Video Guide for the e-platform.

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